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A1 Express Review ….

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A1 Express Review ….

Hero Sandeep Kishan, who raised huge expectations for himself with the film ‘Venkatadri Express’, has not received that level of success since then. Despite the arrival of a handful of movies in the middle, the anticipation for a big break continues. It remains to be seen whether Sandeep’s 25th film will be a success for ‘A1 Express’. He comes to his uncle’s house in Yanam for a girl named Lavanya who is a hockey player. Slowly he gets acquainted with her and falls in love with her. Sandeep is also a hockey player in order to help him when he has difficulty in playing elegance. At the under-21 level, he is known as the Indian captain. He left in the middle of the game for a strong reason and again had to hold the hockey stick under certain circumstances. The rest of the story is about why he left the game in the past and why he came back into the game …
Many films from Hindi Lagaan to Telugu Jersey have proved that adding a strong emotion to the game and making a film as an armory is very popular. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. But the audience has to relate to that problem. Also the game should be presented on the screen in a thrilling manner. In this case, the ‘A1 Express’ has a good setup. Walking in the background of a hockey game never seen before in Telugu is just a plus for the A1 Express. The scenes associated with the game are also not fair. As mentioned above, the issue is similar to that of the audience. But dealing with all of the above and the lack of a new donation turned out to be negative as the narrative did not go on to a level that would evoke emotion in those who move the audience. Even with a good setup the A1 Express could not entertain beyond a level. Audiences expect sports and drama to be as natural as possible, but minus the fact that the A1 Express is so well presented on a commercial scale. Jersey and Psy movies are among the best sports drama in Telugu. In terms of the story it seemed like a combination of the two, like the A1 Express ‘Psy’ where the target is to win a match to maintain a ground. In the movie Jersey, if the hero leaves his favorite game under special circumstances, he will not be able to bear the injustice done to his best friend and will stay away from the game. He then steps back into the game for a reason. However the sample in the above two movies did not carry the emotion in the A1 Express as well as where the game itself could not be shown as thrilling as expected. The episode that gives the hero an elevation in the style of the scene where the hero is shown as an ordinary boy in front of him and shows the hero cricket talent in Life Is Beautiful is impressive. The director directed the first part with love scenes introducing the hero and heroines before that episode coming up in the interval. That doesn’t seem too great. As well as not getting bored. O moderate scenes walk away. The A1 Express graph rises near the interval where Hero Talent Ento is shown. From the second half, the predictability factor for the A1 Express is minus. Assume that there is a strong reason why the hero left the game in the middle. The corresponding flash block runs. Although the Priyadarshi episode may seem like a flashback, it does not seem to contradict the audience’s expectations. Nowadays, the challenge is to build a hospital where the hockey field is, and the challenge is that if you win a match, the ground is yours. There seems to be nothing new about the things that seem so routine that a hero who is terrified of coming back into the game will be on the field for this match. The director failed to deal with the scenes to bring an emotion in the audience.Everything was not thrilling. Presenting those scenes loudly rather than realistically may not be to the liking of those who love sports dramas. Overall, there are some interesting moments in the A1 Express. It’s a good setup .But it’s not as entertaining as some of the sports dramas we’ve already seen. Just to pass the time like that though this movie is okay.
Sandeep Kishan is a suit for the role of a hockey player. He looked like a player when he was on the field. He also developed an understanding of the game, changed body language and showed the required body language. His difficulty appears on the screen. Sandeep’s acting is okay but his weakness is that he shows too much confidence in every scene. This leads to a flattery in acting. We can only imagine how the character of the heroine Lavanya Tripathi started but later it was made nominal. Her acting doesn’t look fair. Elegance looks a bit more glamorous in this movie compared to previous movies. Rao Ramesh has expressed his uniqueness in the role of a villain. He made an impact in lesser scenes with typical acting. Murali Sharma impressed in the role of coach.

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