Acharya shooting spot on a bicycle. Video viral.

‘Acharya’ shooting spot on a bicycle. Video viral.

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‘Acharya’ shooting spot on a bicycle. Video viral.

Sonu Sood. It is a name I do not want to introduce. It was Known that megastar Chiranjeevi is acting in the prestigious film Acharya.

Sonu Sood, who has become a real hero in the minds of millions of people across the country, is currently starring in megastar Chiranjeevi Acharya. He went to the shooting location on a bicycle and was surprised.
However, motorists who saw Sonu Sood on his bicycle, Who hailed as a real hero across the country, were surprised. He looked up and competed to shake hands. Many vehicles followed him. The video was currently going viral on social media.

The producers have announced that the movie, which is in the final stages of shooting, will be released on May 13. However, the current Corona Second Wave effect is likely to be postponed.

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