Ram Charan birthday special gift of fights.Cherry Emotional.

Acharya: When Dharma has the courage. Ram Charan’s birthday special gift of fights. Cherry Emotional

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Acharya: When Dharma has the courage. Ram Charan's birthday special gift of fights.

Star director Koratala Shiva has released a poster that will make mega fans sleep as a birthday present for the mega power star. The Poster, which was Releasing from the Acharya movie, went viral in a matter of moments.
Today (March 27). The mega fans are celebrating the birthday of mega power star Ram Charan. Many places have Huge cutouts called Happy Birthday Cherry and enjoy cutting cakes. They are posting special wishes as a social media platform for their favorite hero. Against this backdrop, Ram Charan has recently released a Special poster from the movie Koratala Shiva ‘Acharya’ as a birthday present.

For the first time, Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan Go to share the screen in full with this Acharya film. Ram Charan is played a pivotal role in ‘Siddha’ while being a part of this Huge film production. Information that this character will be a turning point in the movie. In this context, the latest release of the image, featuring father and son together from, Acharya has made mega fans sleepy. Both Chiranjeevi and ‘RamCharan‘ holding guns in their hands. All in this Surprising Poster made Ram Charan’s birthday even more special.

According to a recently released poster, Ram Charan will be playing the role of ‘Siddha‘ in the fight. ‘Acharya’ will hit the screens on May 13 amid Huge anticipation.

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