After Niharika wedding,everyoneeyesfellon Varuntej wedding

After Niharika wedding, everyone’s eyes fell on Varun Tej’s wedding.

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Varun Tej's wedding.

After Niharika’s wedding, everyone’s eyes fell on Varun Tej’s wedding. News is coming that this mega hero is getting married to that heroin and this heroine. Nagababu gave a shocking reaction when Sai Pallavi add to the list.
Mega weddings rang during the lockdown. Mega daughter, Nagababu’s daughter Neharika’s wedding held in a grand style. Nebula was married with the spirit of their closest family boy. However, after the ceremony, all eyes were on Nagababu’s son, Mega Prince Varun Tej. As the line has cleared, the news that Varun, who is on the list of Tollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelors, is getting married soon has gained momentum. However, Nagababu, who has responded to this issue on several occasions, gave a funny reaction and shocked the mega fans.
Nagababu has already confirmed that he has no objections to Varun Tej’s marriage. “We are also looking at marriage for Varun,” Wade said in a previous interview.
‘When will Varun Anna get married, boss?’ Asked by a netizen, he replied, “See if there are any good relations.” However, ‘Varun thinks of life with a middle-class girl and makes that girl .. the same fix means what do you do?’ Another netizen asked. ‘If you are okay with me ..!’ Saying that Varun made the wedding matter a topic of discussion.
In this sequence, Nagababu recently had a chit-chat with the fans once again. A netizen commented, “If Varun marries Anna Sai Pallavi, the couple will be fine.” Nagababu reacted to this by posting the climax scene video of the movie ‘Jati Ratnalu.
Brahmanandam, who is a judge in the court scene, will not tell you the verdict. And why should I leave here ‘is the dialogue. That is, the meaning seems clear. Earlier, Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi made an impressive film ‘Fida. However, Varun’s marriage matter is so much in the mouths of the people. I have to take Nagababu step !.

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