Allu Arvind Clarity:Igot corona light becauseIwas vaccinated

Allu Arvind Clarity:I got corona light becauseIwas vaccinated.

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I got corona light because I was vaccinated.

Bada producer Allu Arvind has recently been diagnosed with Corona. However, Allu Arvind released a video clarifying. The fact that Allu Arvind was infecting with Corona even after taking the Corona vaccine.
Arvind said that Kovid positive diagnosis was True. However, he did not have any corona symptoms. Clarity gave on the rumors that the corona vaccine was positive.
‘I got news from a lot of places that I got a corona. Yes. The word that came to me is True. The fact of the matter is, the three of us are friends. Then came the Corona. I had a slight fever for three days & it subsided. A friend who has not to vaccinate is currently in hospital. What I learned after seeing him was that I was self-evident that vaccination was Very Good.
Even if the vaccine was Fried the Corona will come. That is, it will come, but it will come and go very lightly. So be sure to vaccinate everything. Sometimes the Corona comes even after the vaccine is Fried. It goes away but is not life-threatening. My friend was treating the hospital. The corona light stays the same since I was vaccinated. So be sure to vaccinate everything. Said Allu Arvind.

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