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Anasuya Tattoo Secrets.That’s why it’s like that!

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Zabardast Beauty who soon revealed another secret
The subject of jealousy tattoos is something that will forever attract the masses. Anasuya recently revealed the secrets behind her tattoos in the background. She said another tattoo was also going to be fried soon.
. In recent times, Hawa has also been running on YouTube. It is opening up on various topics by making different videos to increase its subscribers. In this context, she recently Made a special video titled ’30 Questions with Anasuya ‘and answered all the questions directly. As part of this, this formidable beauty has revealed her tattoo secrets.
The beauty also did several photoshoots to focus on the tattoos of Anasuya’s husband, Shashank Bhardwaj. Nickname is Nikku on the tattoo on Anasuya However, Ayasuya says that there is a Special reason for frying the tattoo.
Anasuya said that they got married a year and a half after Tamiddaram’s engagement, and on the occasion of the engagement anniversary, she got a tattoo of Nick called Edapai. The longer the tattoo is on the hand, the more it means valuing the inner beauty rather than the outer beauty. Anasuya reveals that another tattoo is going to be fried soon.

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