Chiranjeevi was shocked byRRR rushes.Megastar is saying true

Chiranjeevi was shocked by RRR rushes. Rajamouli must have done that! Is what ‘Megastar’ is saying true.?

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Chiranjeevi was shocked by RRR rushes.

Rajamouli is producing RRR Movie Rushes Chusarata Chiranjeevi. He seems to be shocked to see some highlight scenes shot on NTR, Ram Charan. That note fell on this note & finally, the matter made the news.
Pan India movie RRR is thousands all over the country. Rajamouli’s upcoming film in the same range as the Bahubali series has two top stars NTR and Ram Charan Appeared. On the same screen. It is no exaggeration to say that Mega and Nandamuri fans are counting. Every moment that the RRR release is ever-present. And the appearance of megastar Chiranjeevi in such a Huge movie has become a hot topic in cinema circles.

Rajamouli usually takes Special care of his film and does not count the Time. Reimbavallu works hard for the film and puts out the entire output of his film unit. Chiranjeevi also paid special attention to such Jakkanna work. Talk to Rajamouli from Time to Time. I am asking many times. I wanted to see some scenes. How can Jakkanna refuse if the megastar asks? Rajamouli immediately showed him the RRR rushes.

Chiranjeevi Shakayyarata saw RRR Rushes in the editing room. Feeling full of joy to this extent, he seems to have immersed Rajamouli in compliments. Chiranjeevi told his close friends that RRR cinema goes beyond Bahubali. The issue’s end has the recaptured Doomsday in the control of the KGB again. With this, people are saying that what Chiranjeevi said will come true.
The shooting of this movie, which is on a huge budget, is nearing completion. Coming in the backdrop of 1920 as a fictional periodical movie, Ramcharan Will as Komuram Bhim NTR and Alluri Sitaramaraj. ‘Alia Bhatt’ Opposite Cherry & Olivia morris opposite NTR play the heroines. The film was set to be released worldwide on October 13th.

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