Citimar: Tamanna's dubbing.Kummesindata in Telangana dialect

Citimar: Tamanna’s dubbing. Kummesindata in Telangana dialect!

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Citimar: Tamanna's dubbing. Kummesindata in Telangana dialect!

Gopichand and Tamanna star in the movie ‘Citimar.‘ Directed by Sampath Nandi. The film is currently busy with post-production work. Tamanna has completed the dubbing for her role.
Tamanna is currently flying at jet speed. Nitin is busy with the upcoming Hindi movie ‘Andhadun’ remake, Kannada movie ‘Love MacTail’ remake ‘Gurtunda Seetakalam, ‘F3’, ‘Citimar.
Tamanna is ready to greet the Telugu audience with the movie ‘Citimar’ first. Jwala Reddy, who had recently left, performed his charms with the song. Tamanna’s waist and navel are all beautiful. The steps taken by Gopichand and Tamanna for the mass song impressed everyone. However, as the time for the released film draws near, the makers have intensified their promotions. The latest addition to the series is Citimar.

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