Cook With Somali Shakila is another sensation.With teenage.

Cook With Somali Shakila is another sensation. Mother of a transgender person apart from getting married.

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Cook With Somali Shakila is another sensation

Teasing with an adolescent daughter
Shakila, the pornography star who beams on the silver screen, makes a sprinkle on the TV screen. Tamil Celebrity Show ‘Kooku With Komali’ Season 2 Contestant Enters The Final. Nonetheless, Shakila stunned the fans on this show.
Carafe tends to numerous sensations on the cinema star Shakila likewise causes numerous Sensations on TV. Shakila. Who has been undermined in her life by in excess of ten sweethearts? Her age is 43 without getting married.

Shakila, who is at present unmarried, abruptly presents her high school little girl. Another turn is that Shakila is giving stuns upon stuns that their excellent teenage daughter is transsexual. She is delving into the subtleties. Shakila, who once shook the South business with her sexual juices, is currently in films or inconvenience. She got cites. Shakila, who has recently partaken in Kannada Bigg Boss 2, has as of late made it to the finals as a candidate in Season 2 of ‘Kooku with Komali’ in Tamil. In any case, with the developing crowd support for Shakila this season, it is protected to say that she will be the winner.

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