Did Anupama's heartbreak with Burma's wedding..?

Did Anupama’s heartbreak with Burma’s wedding ..? What is the motive behind doing so? The video went viral.

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Did Anupama's heartbreak with Burma's wedding ..?

Team India cricketer Burma recently married former Miss India finalist and sports presenter Sanjana Ganesan. However, a video shared by heroine Anupama on her Instagram account after the wedding has raised suspicions.
For cricketers, the craze among the masses is different from that of movie lovers. That is why more and more rumors are being born about them. Every aspect of their personal affairs continues to go viral. The love affair between the cricketers and the movie heroines is shaking up social media Creating an O Range sensation. The same has been happening in the Case of Tollywood beauty Anumapa Parameswaran and young cricketer Burma for the past few months. There was a lot of news that a love track was running between the two.
There are rumors that the Anumapa Parameswaran-Burma wedding is nearing completion and, they are going to get married in Gujarat soon. Anupama’s mother later clarified that the news was not True Meanwhile, Burma’s marriage to another girl was rumored to have taken place. Burma is married to former Miss India finalist and sports presenter Sanjana Ganesan. The wedding took place in the presence of family members and close friends without any prior notice.

So good. The day after Burma’s wedding, heroine Anumapa Parameswaran sang a love song and shared the video on her Instagram account, sparking new discussions. Rumors have it that Burma and Anupama have been dating in the past. No, no, people say that Burma is only a good friend of theirs and there is no relationship between them. Netizens who saw this video asked, ‘Did Anupama’s heartbreak with Burma’s wedding?’ It is noteworthy that he was making such comments.

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