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Divyavani sensational comments

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Divyavani sensational comments

Kodali Nani: Touching where you can’t say. Is Kodali Nani eating Anna or unclean?
Divyavani, the spokesperson of the Sinnati Telugudesam party, made sensational comments on Minister Kodali Nani. We have challenged them to take out the figures if they dare to say that caste is making an impression on the Amravati movement.
On Women’s Day, Amravati women staged a protest near the Velagapudi Secretariat, leading to tensions. Police intercepted several women and rushed them to the station.

Women are going to their Mothers temple. Drone cameras put. Do you think this is Pakistan ?? Should Trump go for justice ?? Or go to Modi ?? This struggle has as a social category. The power is in your hands. Calculate. How many people belong to any caste. Many educated young women are participating in this movement. We are not afraid of death. Kill as many people as you can. Justice is on our side. He is exploding as if he has put his mouth on the press meet.The position of justice is stamping as A1, A2. Chandrababu Naidu is brand as running a brothel. If he runs a brothel, will you supply the girl?

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