Doubts about the Acharya release. Another shock for megafans

Doubts about the ‘Acharya’ release. Another shock for mega fans.

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Doubts about the 'Acharya' release.

Doubts about the 'Acharya' release.

It seems that the release of Chiranjeevi’s 152nd film ‘Acharya, which has Very ambitiously, has been postponed. The film unit is said to have decided on the latest developments.
Power star Pawan Kalyan’s re-entry movie Vakil Saab is making a splash in the mega fan base with the influx of revenue. Meanwhile, news circulating on social media shocked everyone. The same megastar Chiranjeevi said that the release of the latest movie ‘Acharya‘ Post Pone.

We continue to see how the corona second wave eruption in the country. With the number of Kovid cases increasing day by day, the situation is once again alarming. The effect is being felt on the making of ‘Acharya‘ as the conditions appear to be such that everyday workers and employees do not come out.

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