eesha rebba : eesha if you go innovative.

eesha rebba : eesha if you go innovative

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eesha rebba

Every time routine sticks, their career becomes a caterpillar. Otherwise, it is possible to survive in this competitive field if you think innovatively from time to time. Telugu ammai eesha Rebba is currently accustomed to such an innovation.

Compared to the beginning of her career, she has now increased her hot content. Considering these two lockdown seasons Isha has come out on top. Pulling hot photoshoots in a row on Instagram. Maintaining physical fitness. The chubbiness has decreased compared to the previous one and it has become a smart look. Every photo and video shared on Instagram is debatable among fans. Isha recently went viral while sharing a hot-looking photo of herself wearing a navy blue tight top. Isha Rebba with minimal makeup looks like something special in this photo.

Corona has given a big break to this beauty. None of the films he has acted in have been released recently. Apostles have no other visual appearance after the web series. Next Akhil is starring in Most Eligible Bachelor. The film is yet to release. The details of the Tamil debut film are yet to be revealed.

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