puri jagannadh: heroines equal to the gods

heroines equal to the gods : puri jagannadh

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puri jagannadh

Dashing director puri jagannadh believes that movie heroines are equal to gods. He shared many things in his recently released musings ‘Single by Choice’. ‘I don’t like it when heroines get married. They have the opportunity to become one in a million. I don’t like them getting married and having kids. Fans think of them as gods. I can’t see such gods suffering from hemorrhoids, ‘he says. Puri Jagannadh is a man who is practical. His thoughts are slightly different. Puri is a man who speaks straight forward on any subject. What Puri Jagannadh has recently said about heroines is tricky.
Puri Jagannadh likes heroines getting married. Because we think of heroines as gods.
At least the heroines should stay away from Magallanes. Must grow on their own. Puri said Jayalalithaa, Mamata Banerjee, and Mayawati all grew up without the support of the Men. Puri said women should ideally take such people

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