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Husband services to Mega Daughter. What happened so far

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It’s learned that the recent Mega Daughter Nebula wedding was a glorious affair. Maharani is enjoying yoga with her husband. However, she recently injured her leg while shooting a web series. With this came the need to limit the nebula bed. The issue went viral after she recently posted this photo on her social media wall.
In a recent interview, Niharika said that she Will act in movies even after marriage. She said that neither Puttinti nor Attinti Have set any rules regarding her freedom. She is currently starring in a web series. The mega daughter, who recently shared a photo of herself with a bandage on her right leg, gave the tagline that her husband was pampering a broken wife. Discussions about this pick are ongoing at O ​​Range.
Overall, how did that injury happen? Where did it happen? Nebula has once again made her issue a hot topic among the masses by keeping it a secret.
Niharika and Chaitanya tied the knot on December 9 last year. For the first time since their marriage, the couple recently shared an interview and revealed some secrets about their marital relationship.

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