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I like my life…..

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post Anchor Anasuya continues to make a splash on the television screen and on the other hand she also impresses the audience with her performance on the silver screen. While she is currently busy acting in a series of films, she agrees to act in them too when the opportunity arises to star in a special song. She is currently starring in a special song in the movie Chavu Kaburu Challaga. The movie starring Karthikeyan and Lavanya Tripathi will be released on the 19th of this month. On this occasion, Anasuya said .. She said many things. The reason for acting in a special song in the movie Chavu Kaburu Challaga … I really liked the lyrics of the song and also asked Dance Master Johnny Master to agree to star in this special song. Director Kaushik Pegalla Pati shot this song wonderfully as I was told earlier. The song, which goes with the mass beat, continues to explore the realities of life. Why are you so selective about the movies that come with offers after the theatrical film? I have said this many times over and over again that television is my number one priority. She said that if I find a character that I like, I will not give up. Have you ever been frustrated that there are not enough opportunities for your talent … Many people are asking why all the acting characters are not playing the lead roles again after the stage movie. Actually characters of that level are not coming to me. I hear so many stories per day. If I accept a character, I want to do full justice to it and make my mark. Naturally, what kind of character do you like … I want to act in roles that will surprise the audience. My desire is to choose characters who have good scope for performance without going beyond any imagination. You are very aggressive on social media, why not take it as easy as looking at social media like other celebrities … In addition to singing our minds while responding to every comment that comes on social media A lot of friends said it was a waste of time. Once upon a time false comments seemed to respond to everything. But now I don’t think so. Similarly, there is no response to comments on social media. Reacting if you feel like giving an answer for sure. How is your future plan in terms of movies..I want to act in memorable roles for the audience. She said that no matter what anyone thinks of me personally, I will live my life as I please, as I am…

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