royal challengers Bangalore top of the points table

in a thrilling battle sunrises royal challengers Bangalore victory over

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Hyderabad and royal challengers Bangalore in the match, Hyderabad lost by 6 runs. Kohli team lost 8 wickets in 20 overs and scored 149 runs sunrises Hyderabad into the match with 150 targets, sunrises lost 9 wickets in 20 overs and scored 143 runs only. w. saha 1 run and get out, another opener David warner an innings with Manish Pandey well done. sunrises Hyderabad are expected to win the match as long as they are at the crease, the whole match changed after the two were out. royal challengers Bangalore they took a series of wickets and won the match in the situation of having to make 16 runs in the last overs but with doing 6 runs only royal challengers Bangalore won.

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