Anasuya reveals Amma Baboy's secrets.Itisdone quicklyatnight

It is done quickly at night. Then health !! Anasuya reveals Amma Baboy’s secrets.

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Anasuya reveals Amma Baboy's secrets.

Anchor Anasuya, who is active on social media. Impressed by saying five tips for health to this extent
Anasuya has immense popularity as a television anchor and silver screen star. There is nothing special to say to the Telugu audience about Anasuya. Even if it spills on the big screen and performs brilliantly on the silver screen, it can only be Attribution to envy. Such jealousy is most met with negativity on social media. The trolling that happens to him is also reversed to the same degree as envy.

Drink lukewarm water in the morning. Exercise a little. ‘Pranayam after that. Do something small for at least 30 minutes after eating something. Do not sit idle. Must eat dinner at seven, seven, and a half hours at night. Think about why you will do anything before. Then Anasuya will reveal all her secrets that she will be happy without any worries.

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