It is just the beginning of Rashmi fuss in Bollywood.

It is just the beginning of Rashmi’s fuss in Bollywood.

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Rashmi Mandana, who has made a name for herself in Tollywood, is also making inroads in Bollywood. She is starring in ‘Mission Majnu’ with Siddharth Malhotra. Currently, the shooting of this movie is in full swing. In this context, the discussion between the director and Rashmi went viral.
If you look at Rashmi Mandana, anyone should pay. In a Very Short period, she became the top heroine in Telugu. She spread her power all over the South. Now Eknag is ready to fly his flag in Bollywood. He has already captivated the Hindi audience with his private album ‘Top Tucker’. Rashmi Mandana also impressed the audience with her pictorial getaways, looks, and expressions. Now he is ready to impress everyone with a movie.
Right now, Rashmi is busy in all industries regardless of whether she is here or there. Rashmi has already made her Kollywood debut with ‘Sultan. He also started a movie in Bollywood. Siddharth is co-starring with Malhotra in ‘Mission Majnu. The shooting of this movie has also Start. The fast-paced film is currently shooting in Mumbai. Sultan also attended the pre-release event while the film was start shot.
But when he had to go to participate in the shooting again. He quickly ended his speech and left. Rashmika has covered so much Dedication here and there. However, the director should have given a gift to Rashmi for her latest performance and Dedication. Rashmi said the same thing to Gallo. Currently, the discussion between the director and Rashmi is going viral.
Casting director Dil Bechara director Mukesh Chabra gave a gift to Rashmi. Rashmi shared the gift on social media. “I got my first award in the Hindi film industry,” she said. Hahaha, Mukesh funny commented that this is just the beginning, and many more will come. It seems that Rashmi gave the pen as a gift to Fida for her performance. Rashmika is currently making films in Telugu titled “Pushpa, Aadallu Meeku Joharlu.

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