Jabardast Beauty Anasuya asked in the same direction.

Jabardast Beauty asked in the same direction. Anasuya’s shocking video viral! Forgot your wedding?

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Jabardast Beauty asked in the same direction.

The video posted by Anasuya, who is always busy on social media, wants a love proposal is going viral. Reactions from netizens watching this video WOW! Feel.
Anasuya, who has gained Huge popularity as a television anchor, shines on the silver screen whenever she can. This formidable beauty who acted as Rangammata in the movie ‘Rangasthalam’ attracted Yama with her glamor. With this, there are situations where filmmakers are queuing up for selling dates. Meanwhile, it cannot say that this is all the commotion that is always Envie on social media. The intoxicated salesman, who shares his latest photo shoots from time to time, recently shared a video and surprised.
If you watch this video, you will understand that Anasuya, a mother of two Who got married many years ago, fell in love with the proposal. The video went viral in a matter of seconds.
Will netizens succumb to jealousy? Why didn’t you even propose it to me? Love proposals are pouring in for her right away. However, some netizens say, ‘Are you married? That’s why madam ‘is giving her overwhelming counters. There are a lot of people who will feel that he is your madam. However, this video posted by Anasuya is attracting everyone.
If so, what is Anasuya’s career? This formidable beauty is busy with a series of projects. Creative director Krishna Vamsi is directing Rangamartanda is doing ‘Thankyou Brother’ movie with Sunil in ‘Vedantham Raghavaya’ and Ravi Teja in ‘Khiladi.

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