Jathiratnalu' did not really reach those people?

Jathiratnalu’ did not really reach those people?

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jathiratnalu movie in amazon prime

Three films were released on the same day on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. One of them is the jathiratnalu. Compared to the other two movies.. But the Jathiratnalu got a good talk. The movie is good

The film made huge profits With just 11 crore theatrical business, it has created a sensation by acquiring over 35 crore shares in just three weeks. But that success story turned upside down when it came to OTT. The jaathiratnalu were released on Amazon Prime exactly one month apart. The tribe laughed at the people in the theaters. But when it comes to OTT as a film, people are commenting that they don’t like it.

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