Kalyan ram : New movie with powerful title

Kalyan ram : New movie with powerful title

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kalyan ram

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is coming forward with his latest film. Kalyan Ram has announced a periodical film titled ‘Bimbisara‘ under the special direction of the new director under the banner of NTR Arts. NTR released the title look motion poster of the movie on the occasion of Jayanti. Kalyan Ram’s look and backdrop are all new.
Whose Bimbisara?
Bimbisara .. Kalyan Ram is coming as the hero in the movie. Being a historical film, everyone is interested in who this icon is. Bimbisara was the king who ruled the Magadha Empire. Born 558 BC. He ascended the throne at the age of 15. History has it that he had 500 wives. Bimbisara was imprisoned by his son Ajatashatru for the kingdom. Bimbisara was a contemporary of the Buddha.

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