Krish movie with Sonu sood as the hero.

Krish movie with Sonu sood as the hero!

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sonu sood

Sonu Sood, who plays villain characters on screen, has become a superhero in real life. Sonu, who has helped thousands of people during Corona’s difficult times, has become a savior. The makers are afraid to show Sonu as a villain on the screen. Others are planning movies with Sonu as a solo hero. The list also includes a Tollywood crazy director. Industry talk shows that Krish Sonu Sood, who has made films in the South-North industries, is planning a movie as a hero. Krish and Sonu have a good relationship since Manikarnika time. Sonu also resigned from the film after Krish stepped down from directing the film. It is rumored in North Film Circles that a message-oriented commercial film is coming in a combination of the two. Another star director Puri Jagannath is also planning a movie with Sonu as the hero. Puri is ready to screen the movie Janaganamana with Mahesh as the hero. The latest hot news is that Puri, who introduced this muscular hero to the Telugu screen, is now ready to re-launch as a commercial hero.

sonu sood
sonu sood

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