Mahesh Babu commentsonCoronato NTR. Recover quickly, Brother

Mahesh Babu comments on Corona to NTR. Recover quickly, Brother.

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Mahesh Babu comments on Corona to NTR

Recover quickly, Brother. Mahesh Babu comments on Corona to NTR

Mahesh Babu tweeted that he should recover Quickly Brother.Everyone knows the level of corona attack in the country right now.Fans were alarmed to learn that NTR had been infecting Corona. In addition to fans, celebrities are also tweeting about NTR to recover quickly. Rakul tweeted, “Get well soon. More than four lakh corona-positive cases are registering every day.

Mahesh Babu & NTR

In this order, people are panicking. Apart from that, people are suffering due to a lack of vaccines, lack of oxygen, and lack of beds. Celebrities are also flirting with Corona. Recently, infected with NTR Corona.
We are all following the rules as per the doctor’s instructions. Get tested every week you meet me for the last few days. NTR urges everyone to be careful.

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