Nagababu shocking commentson Roza.Zabardast comedian satires

Nagababu: Nagababu’s shocking comments on Roza. Zabardast comedian satires.

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Nagababu: Nagababu's shocking comments on Roza. Zabardast comedian satires.

Zabardast means a rainbow of laughter. Many comedians cultivate humor with their style punches on this stage. There is nothing special to say about judges anymore. Nagababu, the king of laughter, and Roza have been judges for several years since the show began. However, Nagababu, who recently resigned from the seat, later did comedy shows like Adirindi and finally put a full stop to them.
Mega Brother starred in Earnings through his own YouTube channels:- keeping in view the Special image he had immediately. Staying active on social media and responding to the happenings in the society from time to time, he Introducing the standup comedy to the Telugu audience through his YouTube channel under the name ‘KhushiKhushiga. In this context, his comments on Judge Roza have become a hot topic.
Roja and Nagababu:- who started their journey with a formidable comedy show on television, continued their never-ending journey for almost seven years. A week after doubled in and entertained the audience. It is no exaggeration to say that Roja and Nagababu’s laughter enliven the punchy dialogues of Zabardast comedians. But now Nagababu has left the judge’s seat and is back as a comedian.
Open up in response to many questions asked by netizens. In this sequence. When a netizen asked, “Sir, who is your favorite comedian in Zabardast?” This comment made by Mega Brother satirically has become a topic of discussion among the people.

Comment b/w Roja & Nagababu:-However, after seeing this comment made by Nagababu, netizens are putting counters on him in reverse. Everything is fine but naga babu making comments that make you think he has missed a little logic. “Roja is a comedian sitting in the judge’s seat, but he’s like a joker too .. same calculation,” says Logics. The means that netizens say that if Satire wants to come up with something against Roza, they will almost hit him and get stuck.

In this context, putting satires on his rose has recently become a topic of discussion.They are talking very much.And they comented both of you .Both are super jedges in jabardhasth commmedy show.

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