Nagababu overwhelming post on Ram Gopal Varma.

Nagababu overwhelming post on Ram Gopal Varma. Sensational comments falling in confusion.

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Nagababu's overwhelming post on Ram Gopal Varma.

A message posted by Nagababu on controversial King Ram Gopal Varma has become a sensation. Mega brother was shocked by this post on the occasion of Varma’s birthday.
Ram Gopal Varma. Amma Baboy! That’s the kick when you hear this name. The words he speaks, the movies he makes, the way he stays, and so on. Is it called Controversy? It’s a buttered education for Mandi. Made King in the hustle and bustle of what I was saying. Varma is bold in commenting on girls’ beauties and creating Cntrovers by pointing fingers at politics. Is it a trendsetter? The trend of the two does not mean looking at Varma’s business style.

” Whatever you want to say, whatever is on your mind will be rudely revealed. This society is afraid to accept the fact that everything you say is acceptable. Everyone may think that your methods and way of life hurt everyone. But everyone is jealous of you for being like that.

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