Nagababu, Who said ok to Second marriage.

Nagababu, Who said ok to Second marriage. Shocking comments that if you are ok at this age, I am also ok.

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Nagababu, Who said ok to Second marriage.

Enough brownie. Will not answer even in the case of three marriages of a younger brother already. They are having trouble locking their Mouths that explode like a mouthful. Newlyweds say they are ready for a second marriage. That’s what Psy, 60, says.
Mega brother Nagababu, who recently got married to Nebula, is all set to become a grandfather. Varun Tej is also in the process of looking for Kodal as he is of marriageable age. This year. Or next year, it seems Certain that Varun Tej will also be a homemaker.
Even at this age, Nagababu’s funny post about his second marriage goes viral on social media.
Many people are saying that Pawan Kalyan has already got three marriages, the time is not Right.Nana could not answer the question of the three marriages made in the case of the younger brother. Netizens are saying that Nagababu Garu is a satire.

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