Nagarjuna Emotional comment became emotional.

Nagarjuna Emotional comments. I understood that he had not thought much

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Nagarjuna Emotional comments.

Nagarjuna became emotional while talking about the coronavirus at this meeting.
The movie ‘Wild Dog’ starring Akkineni Nagarjuna will be releasing on April 2. Nagarjuna in the role of ACP Vijay Verma, a Daredevil encounter specialist. Dia Mirza plays the heroine while Siamese Kher plays the Key role. The makers organized a pre-release event in Hyderabad on Sunday night as part of the film promotions. In the Nagarjuna made emotional comments saying.

Nagarjuna, who says he likes to make experimental films, said he is always on the hunt for new stories. He said he did not want to do the work again and would be bored if he went into the stereotype trend. Nagarjuna said that he was young and energetic as he was working with new films and new directors. Magadan that his character in the movie remains the same no matter what he wants to be.
ACP Vijay Verma liked the character and made this movie okay. Magadan has his character as it should be. The Stronge character in the Movies I have done so far. Nagarjuna said that it was a pucca commercial film. Speaking about Corona, he said that the small virus put a brake on the world. He told us that he had taught us to think more about what it was like to go to Manali for shooting after the lockdown. Tears welled up in his eyes at that moment & he became emotional. Nagarjuna said that he enjoyed every minute of the film.

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