Once again,RGV in front of the audience with a horror movie.

Once again, RGV in front of the audience with a horror movie. This time it was not planned as usual.

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Once again, RGV in front of the audience with a horror movie.

Ram Gopal Varma, the director who was once a trendsetter with super hit films, has Now become a carafe address to controversy. Controversy is more important than a story in his movies. With that, RGV started promoting the film.
Once upon a time, Ram Gopal Varma was the carafe address for super hit movies. RJV, who set the trend with films like Shiva, Sarkar, and Satya, frightened the audience with films like Bhoot, Kaun, and Funk, But over time, that is likely to change. He places more emphasis on controversy than a story in his movies. Ram Gopal Varma has known as a controversial director from the beginning. But, it has grown a lot in recent times. Especially with porn star Mia Malkova making a documentary called God, Sex and Truth. He opened up to the latest controversy.
RGV also released films like Climax, Naked, and Naked-2 during the Corona-imposed lockdown. There has been a lot of discussion on social media about these movies as well. No matter how many words. Arjivi has not changed even an inch in his attitude. Verma is rushing in the style of I will be like this. I will be like me. If this is one side of the coin. On the other hand, RGV has been receiving success for a long time. None of his films played big after Rakta Charithra.
Against this backdrop, Verma once again shot the film in his favorite horror genre. He is d

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