Real hero Mahesh Babu is not just a real hero.

Real hero Mahesh Babu is not just a real hero. Superstar special care for the adopted village.

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Mahesh Babu

On the occasion of his father Krishna’s birthday, Mahesh Babu organized a free vaccination drive to his hometown, the entire village of ‘Burripalem where he was adopted.

Mahesh Babu
The superstar looks like a real-life hero, not just in real life
Mahesh Babu. He started a vaccination program for the people in his home village to prevent corona infection.
The Mahesh Babu team revealed on social media that the vaccination drive, which lasted for seven days, was completed. Everyone who was vaccinated thanked Mahesh Babu for embarking on such a massive event. The Mahesh Babu team thanked Andhra Hospitals for their help in the vaccination process. It stated that everyone eligible in Burripalem had been vaccinating.

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