Reddy Gari Intlo Rowdyism:-The song Rowdyism by YS Sharmila.

Reddy Gari Intlo Rowdyism:- The song ‘Reddigarintlo Rowdyism by ‘YS Sharmila’.

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Reddy Gari Intlo Rowdyism: The song ‘Reddigarintlo Rowdyism by YS Sharmila

YS Sharmila is becoming active in all fields after his political entry in Telangana. Sharmila, who is politically active, is increasing her contacts with film personalities.
K. Raman opposite Siri Movies banner. Sirisha Thanks. M. Ramesh and Gopi are co-directing. Varsha Vishwanath, Priyanka, Pavani, and Ankita are the heroines. Kori Pitchireddy and Saraswati are acting as contributors. On Wednesday, YS Sharmila released the song Alalaga Mainase Engine. In this movie. When it comes to film, post-production is currently underway. The rest of the songs and trailer will be released soon. We will also announce the release date of the movie.

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