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Robot dog guarding the company.

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Robot dog guarding the company.

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. ”The Canadian Alberta Shell Refinery Company” has hired two robot dogs called ‘Spot’ to guard it. These robot dogs will see the most dangerous things in the plant. These robot dogs were created by the American company Boston Dynamics. The spot robot dog is the price at around a million dollars.
The Spot is Special.
If you see the work done on the Spot, you have to put your finger on the nose. These robot dogs can reach a top speed of three miles per hour.Will carry a weight of up to about fourteen kilograms. The Spot operated from a low of -20 degrees Celsius to a high of 45 degrees Celsius. Boston Dynamics reports that these robot dogs used form
Any Complex tasks. These use in underground mining, radiation-rich nuclear power plants, and oil refineries. Of these, only spot robot dogs are currently available on the market. Robot dog guarding the company.In these company is so Spaciel.It is helps more,and save timeing. these is the new, trending technology idea.Which is the great news.We are greating news also.

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