ShameonYou Samantha. Netizens uniting. It is the real reason

ShameonYou Samantha. Netizens uniting. That is the real reason.

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Shame on You Samantha. Netizens uniting. That is the real reason.

Samantha won the Top Place in Most Desirable Women 2020. Samantha fans are celebrating the occasion on social media. There were also days when Samantha played games. There are days when everyone is shocked if Samantha gives the reverse counter.

Samantha responds with obscene gestures to those who troll her. Everyone knows how controversial Samantha’s reply has been too negative comments about her attire. Everyone knows how much sensation Samantha‘s Comments on the Mahesh Babu movie poster have created.

So trolling and controversy is nothing new to Samantha. ‘Love Siddharth & everyone knows about the trolling encountered today in a case like a Breakup. Meanwhile, a controversy is swirling around Samantha. Even as a Tamil actress, they are frustrated with her role as an anti-Tamil. Tamil Nadu has expressed outrage over the film Family Season 2, which was shot against the Tamil people by the LTTE. Samantha’s role as a terrorist became even more tumultuous.

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