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Sharwanand: Media scolded

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Director is Kishore, B. Built by Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta on the 14 Reels Plus banner. The music director is Mickey Jay Meyer.
Hero Sharwanand said that it is my responsibility to make a Srikaram movie. The ones who harvest have become less. The ones who eat are becoming more. In such cases, it will be very much missed, said Sharwanand. The movie ‘Srikaram’ starring Sharwanand and Priyank Arul Mohan as heroines are Released. On March 11. A media conference on Saturday as part of the movie promotions.
What should I do? I mean. You are saying such a good point. What a Good word he said. We cut a video and showed him that you should support him anyway, On this eighth date. Chiranjeevi agreed to participate in the free release event in Khammam.

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