Shriya raises her sari and kisses him in public. Baboy!

Shriya raises her sari and kisses him in public. Baboy! Shriya has been active on social media for some time now.

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Shriya raises her sari and kisses him in public.

Recently, share a video. In this, Shriya had a public romance with her husband.
Tollywood senior heroine Shriya Sharan has been stirring up the tribe in recent times. The seller, who has given a break to movies, is Give a special treat to netizens with photos and videos. Shake social media with chilling pics with her husband Andrew Kochchiv while kicking the shit out of sharing mostly cleavage videos. Whether On a vacation. At home, or in the rain, the seller is soaking wet during the Holi celebrations.
Holi is celebrating in North Indian culture. Born and raised in Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh, Shriya celebrated Holi with her husband. Floating in colors, she appeared in North Indian traditional wear and attracted. She has already proven time and time again that no one can match her in dancing and enjoyment, and provocation has become a hot topic at the event.
Shriya lifted the sari and spilled it wisely. Stepping with her husband, she wrapped him in her arms romantically. With that, the public showered kisses on him. The actress, who did not even fit in there, posted the video on her social media wall and wished Holi well. Immediately after this, the video went viral & the tribe was giving checkers. Look at this’ Baboy! Is Shriya Energy too in this range? ‘
Shriya is doing films in the same josh even after marriage as if marriage is not an obstacle for movies. Currently, the senior star heroine is starring in the prestigious movie RRR directed by Dheeru Rajamouli. Shriya in a pivotal role opposite Bollywood hero Ajay Devgn.

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