Singer Sunita noise at Nitin's birthday party.

Singer Sunita’s noise at Nitin’s birthday party.Kovid is because of any ceremony in the Presence of the most intimate.

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Singer Sunita's noise at Nitin's birthday party.

It was against this backdrop that he celebrated his birthday in the Presence of the Sunita couple. Who is the closest to Nitin?
It is that Tollywood celebrities are getting married one by one. Hero Nitin O became home on July 26 last year. Kandukuri stabbed his girlfriend Shalini in the neck with three thorns and became half of her. Nitin, who has been having fun with Shalini ever Since has been making a series of films. Celebrate his first birthday after marriage. Today (March 30) is Nitin’s birthday & it seems that he celebrated his birthday with his family and most close friends last night. Singer Sunita and her husband will be attending the event. The newlyweds all chill together at the birthday party. Sunita’s husband RamVeerapaneni was supposed to enjoy the ceremony at Nitin’s house.
However, we have heard in The past that Nitin has a close relationship with Sunita’s husband Ram, Nitin also had a chat with his wife Shalini at the Sunita-Ram wedding event. Looking at the two couples meet again on the occasion of a special day, it is clear how strong the friendship between them is.

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