Srimukhi with the comedian at midnight! Shocking selfievideo

‘Srimukhi with the comedian at midnight! Shocking selfie video.

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'Srimukhi with the comedian at midnight! Shocking selfie video.

Young and hot Srimukhi. The tribe is making a fuss on social media. In the wake of this, she recently posted a selfie video of herself having an affair with a comedian at midnight on her social media wall.
The commotion of the heroines and the anchors of the television is not Normal. The heroines not only look hot but also have a Huge following, giving them stiff competition. In a way, this lady anchor is hurting social media more than star heroines. Netizens are being basketed by posting the latest updates from time to time. The Main name on this list is Srimukhi.
On the one hand, giving a glamor treat and on the other hand, doing lewd antics is an impressive selling hobby. Srimukhi, who hit the runner-up after arguing in Bigg Boss last season, is currently in Yama Josh doing several TV shows. Ramulamma recently posted a selfie video in this order.
In this video, Srimukhi appeared unexpectedly with comedian Saddam. While shooting for a TV show, comedian Saddam made this shocking video during a break. App these two looked like animals. That’s not all ‘shooting is going on. We are here till 3 pm. Low we have to go Home. ‘he commented. Netizens who saw these videos were saying that there was no such thing even at that time.
Srimukhi is currently playing the lead role in the movie ‘Crazy Uncles’. The movie is Base on the story of uncles who search for what is not comfortable with their wives. Apart from this, The young anchor is also starring in Nitin’s upcoming Telugu remake of ‘Andadun’ as his 30th film.

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