Sultan Ruler Twitter Review This is the crowd report.

‘Sultan’ Ruler Twitter Review This is the crowd report.

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Ruler Twitter Review This is the crowd report.

Hero Karti, who said that we are advancing the audience as ‘Sultan’ by mixing action, love, and entertainment, greeted the audience in the theaters today (April 2). Overseas audiences who have already seen this movie are responding to the Twitter platform.
Hero Karti’s latest movie ‘Sultan’ is making a splash on the South Indian silver screen. Music provided by Vivek Mervin. Rashmi Mandana Opposite Karthi plays the heroine in the film. It is her first Tamil film.
However, the movie Sultan will not be released on the Indian screen any time soon. The US audience who saw the film last night has been giving positive reactions to the Twitter platform.
Audiences say that Sultan Fastoff is a total fun ride, but the scenes shown in the film are old but give the impression of being a good spice movie. The pre-interval scenes are said to be interesting, and the on-screen Karti-Rashmi chemistry is shocking. All in all, this movie is a fun and emotional ride. A positive response is coming from the performance of Hero Karthi. With this, it is good that Karthi fans are celebrating in some places. Let’s meet soon with the full review of Telugu Time.

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