Super offer Karthikeyan. Sukumar has planned a good movie.

Super offer for Karthikeyan Sukumar has planned.

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Super offer for Karthikeyan. Sukumar has planned another feel-good movie like Uppena.

Inventive Director Sukumar is overflowing with a progression of hits. Then again, while being occupied with his movies, Sukumar is making films under the pennant of Writings, empowering his pupils. Sukumar Writings pennant previously got great fever with Kumar 21F 21. As for the vibe great film, ‘Uppena’ was brought to the crowd and got the gigantic achievement. Sukku has arranged another Movie with youthful legend Karthikeyan to rehash a similar equation in this unique circumstance. An authority explanation with this impact has the issue.

After watching the trailer of Karthikeyan’s Impending film ‘Chavu Kamburu Challanga ‘Sukumar’ was dazzled with Karthikeyan’s exhibition and intended to make a film under his standard. A piece of this is the most recent explanation on this.

. Sukumar is giving the story, screenplay, and discoursed for the film. Again, Karthikeyan, who has made A Special picture for himself with his introduction film Rx 100, Is anticipating accomplishment with a progression of movies. It was during this grouping that the interest in Sukumar’s creation of Karthikeyan Cinema started.

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