Surekhavani's daughter in the rain so! Full enjoy.

Surekhavani’s daughter in the rain so! Full enjoy giving glamor treat.

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Surekhavani's daughter in the rain so! Full enjoy giving glamor treat.

Surekhavani’s daughter Suprita, who has been busy with dance videos for the past few days, has posted another video and shaken up social media. Soaking in the rain. Character artist Surekhavani has nothing special to say about her following on social media. He has been sharing his photos and videos from time to time on online platforms, along with Surekhavani, her daughter.


Suprita also started an online commotion and gathered a range of followers. Suprita, who has gained popularity in the Heroines range even though she has not done any movies, has recently Performing with Dance Performance.
Supritha, who used to spill videos with her mother Surekhavani on social media, is now doing a solo performance. He has been harassing netizens by posting a series of videos on his social media accounts. In this context, she recently shared a video of herself dancing in the rain on the terrace. Tagged ‘rain’ on it and left on Insta. ‘Suprita give a glamor treat and enjoying it to the fullest. Netizens are watching this video and celebrating with a shower of likes.

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