The BJP is threatening to kill me: Siddharth

The BJP is threatening to kill me : Siddharth

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Leading actor Siddharth is facing threats from BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu. Siddharth has made a name for himself by starring in many super hit films in Tamil as well as Telugu. In recent times, he has been criticizing the BJP in his own style as a social media platform. Meanwhile, several BJP leaders are also waging a war of words with him on social media. Siddharth though .. does not fall back at all. He continues to lash out at criticism in his own style.
Siddharth did not want to surrender at all and resorted to further threats. Siddharth revealed on Twitter that he was not the only one .. He was also making phone threats targeting his family members. He says his phone number was leaked by BJP leaders
Even last Saturday, Siddharth gave a shocking counter to Prime Minister Modi’s tweet. “India needs a very strong government at the moment. Modi is not a big deal. I can go back to my old life and open a tea stall. But the country should not be bothered at all, ”Modi said in his tweet. It was given a counter by the hero Siddharth. “I agree with everything this man has said. Can you agree? ” Siddharth asked the netizens. It went very viral on social media.

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