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Uppena ‘create a new record…?

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If the audience wants to like a movie .. the stories in it .. the words .. the songs .. everything like this has to be arranged in balance. Only then will the film reach the minds of audiences from all walks of life. Any film can be successful only when it captures the minds of audiences of all classes. ‘Uppena’ looks like a movie that has come out like that in recent times. Everyone who has seen this movie has weighed in and said that there are plenty of complete features that a love story movie should have.

The director is new to this movie .. The hero and heroine are also new. However, the audience was disappointed with the film. The reason for that is the story .. the feel of that story. Characters .. not to mention the way they are shaped by life. It is for this reason that the film has been a success in every area of its release. Running tirelessly on the path to profitability. Although a large number of new films hit theaters after that, they failed to make a big impact on the ‘surge’. Therefore, there are opinions that the chances of collecting 50 crore shares in the final run of the film are high.

It is said that it would be a rare record for a debut hero movie to earn this level of revenue. Fans are excited to hear that the hero from Mega Family deserves this record. Although the story is old, director Buchibabu’s treatment .. Feel he utters through the characters .. Favorite songs that beautifully explore the feelings in the minds of the lovers .. Kriti Shetty Glamor .. Vaishnav Tej – Vijay Sethupathi acting is said to be the main attraction of this film. It remains to be seen whether the ‘surge’ will receive the rare record that everyone else thinks.

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