Varun Tej :RamCharan Birthday.VarunTej Treat BeforeRajamouli

Varun Tej :- ‘Ram Charan Birthday’. Varun Tej Treat Before Rajamouli.

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Varun Tej:- 'Ram Charan Birthday'. Varun Tej Treat Before Rajamouli.

Varun Tej has released a Special motion poster on the Occasion of mega power star Ram Charan’s birthday. This video is going viral on Mega Fans.
Birthday CDPs are all about celebrating the birthday of a star hero, and it has become common these days to move motion posters to show his greatness. Against this backdrop, social media is shaking from today’s Occasion of mega power star Ram Charan’s birthday tomorrow (March 27). Varun Tej gave a special treat ahead of Rajamouli to celebrate Cherry’s birthday. To this extent, the video he posted went viral.
The recent release of Sayidharam Tej for mega fans has not received much attention and has also drawn a lot of criticism. However, forgetting that bitter experience, Mega Prince Varun Tej has recently released a motion poster related to Cherry. In this short video. Ram Charan looks like a lion riding a horse and jumping from the middle of the fire.
Director Rajamouli has already Made an Official announcement that he is preparing a special surprise from the RRR movie. He said this update be at 4 pm this evening. But before Jakkanna, Varun Tej’s special treat doubled the festivities in the mega world.

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